The Bronx is Boring

Can’t wait for the “Bronx is Burning” miniseries on ESPN. Seriously, these are the real Yankees, not the Corporate Raiders these clean-cut Yanks have been ever since 1999 when Clemens first came to town. I can still remember doing laundry in the local strip-mall laundromat reading the Daily News coverage of the Wells trade. It was like when they traded Nettles because for some reason they picked up Toby Harrah in the 1983-84 off-season (Harrah’s best attribute was that you could spell his last name backwards and forwards the same way).

I only hope they don’t kill (no pun intended) Thurman Munson in this miniseries and make him out to be some sort of bad guy. I would think most of the old-time sportswriters hated him, but he is still St. Thurman in The Icepick household. Ask me about my framed picture of him that will go up in The Baby’s room as soon as his moms isn’t looking.


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