Bronx Bombast

Opening Day (er, Opening Night) is less than a day away, so here’s some news more depressing than the Mets’ starting rotation:

According to a new Marist poll, “nearly six in ten registered voters — 58% — who are baseball fans in New York State say they are Yankees fans while 28% cheer for the Mets” (h/t All Over Albany).

Shows you what bad taste we have in this state. Either that, or we’re a wealthier state than we’re were led to believe. You need to take out a second mortgage to afford Yankee tickets.

I’m constantly surprised by the arrogance of today’s front-running Yankee fans, most of whom weren’t around for (or willfully ignored)  the days when Stump Merrill  was our manager, our pitching staff included Andy Hawkins, Chuck Cary and Greg Cadaret, and Kevin Maas was the next great thing for two months in the summer of 1990, before swinging for a .220 average the following year. It all made 1996 so much sweeter.

But the last decade of Bronx Bombast and that new monument to excess on 161st Street makes rooting for the Yankees impossible.

Anecdotally, if someone cuts me off in traffic, or speeds through a red light, and his or her car has a baseball sticker/decal on it, it’s invariably a Yankee sticker. Now, I’m not saying all cars with Yankees stickers are driven by jerks in this neck of the woods, but the odds sure go up.


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