Toeing the alien humpback, indeed

I don’t care if it is a made-up unwritten rule, a written unwritten rule, or an unwritten unwritten rule. Why in the world, unless you’re an 8-year-old Little Leaguer stomping the mud from your cleats, would you run up and then down the pitcher’s mound on the way back to first base, making sure to step on the pitching rubber? Oh yeah, because you’re a douche canoe. (to borrow a phrase from The Bloggess.)

The next hitter, Robinson Cano, fouled a pitch down the left-field line, and on his way back to first Rodriguez cut across the diamond and the mound, touching the pitching rubber. Braden barked at Rodriguez, telling him to get off the mound. —NY Times

Perhaps Dallas “Ned” Braden has made much ado about nothing. So what? Why, exactly, would you stomp up and down the mound on your way back to the bag? Was he merely stretching out Scott Boras’ investment in his legs by getting some hill work in?

How you can root for a Yankees team with A-Rod on it, is beyond me.

“‘He should maybe watch his captain a little more often,’ Braden said in reference to Rodriguez’s teammate, Derek Jeter. —NY Times

Worse still is the hope among some of the more clueless Yankee fans that Jeter will defend poor, misunderstood persecuted A-Rod. Jeter, who has more class in his fingernail than smarmy A-Rod has in his entire being, shouldn’t lift an eyebrow defending Pay-Rod.


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