Post-game analysis and my dad

My father, who has been known to tape bowling (yes, as in using the VCR; none of this DVR stuff for him; and that’s not even commenting on the fact that he is taping bowling), has become even more of a Yankee-critic than me. His favorite pastime of the last few years is to tape the Yankees post-game reports on the YES channel, particularly after Yankee losses, so he can rail at Girardi’s pres conferences, the YES Network’s analysis and the interviews with the players. I’m experiencing this first hand right now — and my dad is talking back to the TV about the excuses about “mechanics.” He used to yell at Joe Torre about the talk about “arm angles.” Even Jack Curry — who I miss at the New York Times and someone whose work I highly respected — is, to my father, nothing but “another Yankee fan” in his role as a post-game reporter on the YES Network.

“They prep these guys,” Pops says. “You can’t say anything bad.”

He’s noted that the YES reporters will note that an opposing player is “credited” with a double, whereas a Yankee player will “rip” one into the gap. I can’t argue with him, watching the recap of today’s loss to the Angels. Watching my dad watching TV is a spectator sport on its own.


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